June 1–15, 2017
Hang Art, 567 Sutter Street, San Francisco

Gallery Announcement


Hang Art is pleased to announce Gestalt, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Chris Ehlers.

In Gestalt, Ehlers continues to build on her recurring theme of piecing together fragments of images, abstract shapes, words, and figurative elements to creative a personal narrative. Ehlers narrative is one based on the desire to welcome change in pursuit of embracing what is missing from our busy lives; optimism, empowerment and courage. The story, which develops prior to beginning the physical process, acts as a spark and propels the work forward, serving as a compass to guide each painting through the different chapters.

Describing her process as cyclical, Ehlers application is almost ritualistic as she paints, layers, scrapes, and repeats until there is a stopping point of reflection. Once Ehlers stops on a painting, she’ll then live with it for a few days or weeks in order decide if the painting effectively conveys her message or if she has to continue the process. In result, Ehlers end goal is for each painting to conjure a reverie or happy memory.

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